Building a Thriving Democracy: How Real Estate Investments Contribute to National Growth.

Real estate is the bedrock of thriving economies. It provides the space for businesses to flourish, fosters job creation, and generates significant tax revenue for governments. But how exactly do real estate investments contribute to national growth?

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, offers a compelling case study. This blog explores the multifaceted ways real estate investments are driving progress in Nigeria, contributing to a stronger and more stable democracy.

The Nigerian Real Estate Market: A Powerhouse in the Making

Nigeria boasts a burgeoning population of over 218 million, with a rapid urbanization rate exceeding 5% annually 1. This has fueled significant growth in the real estate sector, which according to the National Bureau of Statistics, contributes roughly 7% to Nigeria’s GDP 2. Notably, the market has demonstrated resilience, experiencing consistent growth even during economic slowdowns.

Real Estate’s Engine of Growth: Jobs, Infrastructure, and Revenue

The real estate sector is a significant job creator in Nigeria. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), the construction industry alone employs over 5 million Nigerians 4. But the impact goes beyond construction. Real estate investments generate opportunities in property management, real estate finance, and related sectors like furniture manufacturing and logistics.

Real estate projects often act as catalysts for infrastructure development. Large-scale developments necessitate investments in roads, utilities, and transportation networks. For instance, Cruxstone Development  and Investment Limited in Lagos is not only creating developments that change the city skyline but also contributing to the enhancement of the local infrastructure, including the integration of sustainable design elements that promote environmental resilience and community well-being.

Furthermore, Real estate generates substantial government revenue through various taxes and levies. Property taxes and land use charges are significant sources of income for municipalities.

Beyond Bricks and Mortar: Shaping a Sustainable Future

Real estate investments play a crucial role in shaping Nigeria’s urban landscape, with positive impacts beyond just economic benefits.

Addressing the Housing Deficit: Nigeria faces a significant housing deficit, estimated at over 20 million units by the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria 7. Real estate developers like Cruxstone Development & Investment Ltd. are addressing this gap by building a mix of affordable and luxury housing options.

Urban Renewal and Regeneration: Obsolete infrastructure and informal settlements pose challenges in many Nigerian cities. Urban renewal projects, like Cruxstone, offer a solution. These projects not only create new economic opportunities but also improve the overall quality of life for residents.

Enhancing Social Infrastructure: Modern real estate developments prioritize incorporating essential social infrastructure. Schools, hospitals, and recreational facilities within developments provide crucial amenities for residents, fostering a sense of community and well-being.

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Building a Stronger Democracy: The Ripple Effect of Real Estate

Wealth Creation and Economic Empowerment: Property ownership is a path to wealth creation. Increased property ownership among Nigerians fosters economic empowerment and reduces dependence on government handouts. This strengthens the middle class, a vital pillar of any democracy.

Reducing Urban-Rural Migration: Strategic real estate investments can create economic opportunities in smaller cities, reducing the strain on already congested urban centers. Balanced regional development promotes social cohesion and alleviates pressure on urban infrastructure.

Promoting Transparency and Good Governance: A well-regulated real estate sector necessitates transparent practices and strong governance. As the market matures, the adoption of best practices in land titling, permitting processes, and dispute resolution fosters trust in the system and strengthens democratic institutions.

Conclusion: A Thriving Future: Real Estate as a Cornerstone

Real estate investments in Nigeria are a powerful engine for economic growth and democratic stability. They create jobs, generate revenue, foster infrastructure development, and contribute to a more vibrant and equitable society. By addressing the housing deficit, promoting urban renewal, and encouraging social infrastructure development, real estate companies are not just building structures, they are building a brighter future for Nigeria.

As the real estate sector continues to mature, its positive impact on the nation’s economy and democratic landscape is poised to grow even stronger. With continued focus on innovation, sustainability, and responsible development practices, the Nigerian real estate market holds immense potential to transform the nation into a thriving and prosperous democracy.

By investing with us, you can be part of this exciting journey, benefiting from their proven track record of success and dedication to excellence. Join us in building a brighter, more prosperous future for Nigeria, brick by brick. Invest with us and be a catalyst for change and growth.

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Celebrating Excellence: Cruxstone Unveils “The Pride of Lagos” Fountain

As a prominent figure in the real estate industry, we recently hosted a memorable event to commemorate a significant milestone in our pursuit of excellence. As a prestigious real estate company dedicated to crafting exceptional properties and making positive contributions to the community, we unveiled a breathtaking display of our values and commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. More than a mere brand showcase, the event symbolized our mission to enhance the cityscape and inspire all who encounter the charm of Lagos.

The highlight of the event was the unveiling of “The Pride of Lagos,” a magnificent addition to the city’s skyline. This stunning fountain exemplifies our values and commitment to corporate social responsibility, serving as a testament to our dedication to enhancing the beauty and allure of Lagos.


Dr. Adetoro Bank-Omotoye, Managing Director of Cruxstone Development & Investment Ltd., shared insights into the inspiration behind the fountain. He emphasized its significance as a symbol of strength, innovation, and success, reflecting our journey of excellence since our inception in 2017. He highlighted the fountain’s ultimate significance as an outpouring of successes, achievements, and the strides we are making, benefiting investors and the community.

The event concluded with sincere appreciation to all attendees for their support and enthusiasm. We remain committed to our journey of excellence, innovation, and sustainability, aspiring to create a brighter and greener future for all.

Distinguished dignitaries who graced the occasion with their esteemed presence include Honourable Toke Benson-Awoyinka, Commissioner for Tourism, Arts, and Culture, Honourable Tokunbo Wahab, Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources, Mr. Idris Aregbe, Special Adviser for Tourism, Arts, and Culture to the Lagos State Government, and Mrs. Adetoun Ibilola Popoola, General Manager of Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency (LASPARK). Their attendance added prestige and significance to the event, underscoring the importance of our initiatives in the community.

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Nurturing Dreams: How Real Estate Can Secure Your Child’s Financial Future

As parents, we dedicate ourselves to nurturing our children’s dreams. Whether they aspire to be a world-renowned paleontologist unearthing dinosaur bones or a champion soccer player dribbling their way to victory, we spend countless hours fostering their passions and talents. Yet, amidst the ballet recitals and science fairs, a crucial element of their future often goes undiscussed: financial security.

While college funds and savings accounts are important tools, there’s another powerful strategy at your disposal – one that can create a lasting legacy and empower them to achieve their goals: real estate. Here’s how investing in real estate can be a game-changer for your child’s financial future, backed by facts and figures:

Building Wealth Early – Let the Numbers Do the Talking

Appreciation Potential: According to a report by PwC Nigeria, property prices in Nigeria have followed a steady upward trajectory over the past decade. The average annual increase sits at 10%. This means a well-chosen property can appreciate significantly over time, creating a valuable asset for your child. Imagine a scenario where you invest in a property for your child when they’re young. By the time they reach adulthood, that property could have grown substantially in value, providing a significant financial boost.

Passive Income Powerhouse – A Steady Stream for Future Dreams

Rental Income: Imagine your child receiving a steady stream of income even before they enter the workforce! Rental income from a property can cover future education costs, a down payment on their own home, or simply provide financial independence. In Nigeria, average rental yields can range from 10%-20% depending on location and property type. Let’s say you invest in a property with a 10% rental yield. This means, that for every N1,000,000 invested, you could potentially receive N100,000 in rent each month. Over a year, that’s N1,000,000 – a significant sum that can be used to support your child’s future endeavors.


A Gift that Keeps Giving – Stability and Security Beyond the Present

Long-Term Security: Real estate is a tangible asset – it doesn’t disappear. Unlike stocks or bonds, it provides a sense of security and stability for your child’s future. Even if the market fluctuates, the property itself remains, offering a safety net for years to come. This stability allows your child to focus on their aspirations and career goals, knowing they have a valuable asset in their back pocket.

Building a Strong Foundation – Lessons Beyond Bricks and Mortar

Teachable Moments: Owning real estate opens the door to valuable life lessons. As your child grows older, you can involve them in age-appropriate ways, teaching them about budgeting, responsibility, and the importance of property maintenance. These skills will be invaluable as they navigate financial independence in their adult lives. Imagine involving your teenager in researching potential properties or discussing maintenance costs. These conversations can spark financial literacy and empower them to make informed decisions in the future.

Getting Started: Options and Considerations – Building a Strategy for Success

There are several ways to leverage real estate for your child’s future. Here are a few options to consider, each with its own advantages:

1. Investing in Rental Property: Purchasing a rental property can generate passive income that can be used for your child’s benefit. This option requires ongoing management, but the potential returns can be significant.

2. Saving for a Down Payment: Help your child save for a down payment on their own home, giving them a head start on the path to homeownership. This can be a great way to encourage financial responsibility and empower them to achieve their dream of owning a home.

3. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): If you’re looking for a more hands-off approach, REITs allow you to invest in a portfolio of properties without the hassle of direct ownership. REITs offer diversification and can be a good option for those new to real estate investing.

Taking the Next Step – A Call to Action

Remember: Real estate investment requires careful planning and research. Consult with a financial advisor to discuss your options and develop a strategy that aligns with your goals and risk tolerance.

By starting early and making smart choices, you can use real estate to help your child secure a bright financial future. It’s an investment not just in bricks and mortar, but in their dreams and aspirations. So, nurture those dreams and empower your child to build a secure future, one property at a time.

Ready to get started? Contact Cruxstone today to explore our investment opportunities and begin building a brighter future for your child.

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Ultimate Guide to Buying Property In Lagos: Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Ultimate Guide to Buying Property In Lagos: Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Ultimate Guide to Buying Property In Lagos: Tips for First-Time Home BuyersBuying a luxury property in Lagos is a dream that many aspire to, but navigating the complex real estate market can be daunting, especially for first-time home buyers. With its vibrant culture, bustling economy, and growing urban development, Lagos offers a plethora of opportunities for luxury real estate investments. This comprehensive guide aims to provide you with valuable insights, tips, and strategies to make your luxury property purchase in Lagos a seamless and rewarding experience.


Market Trends and Dynamics

Before diving into the market, it’s crucial to understand the current trends and dynamics shaping the luxury real estate landscape in Lagos. Over the past few years, there has been a steady growth in luxury property developments, particularly in prime locations such as Ikoyi, Victoria Island, and Lekki. With increasing demand from both local and international investors, the market remains buoyant with promising returns on investment.

Price Range and Affordability

Luxury properties in Lagos come with a premium price tag, reflecting their exclusive features, prime locations, and high-end amenities. It’s essential to set a realistic budget and explore financing options to determine your affordability. Working with a reputable real estate agent specialized in luxury properties can provide valuable insights into the market and help you find properties that align with your budget and preferences.


Location, Location, Location

The location plays a pivotal role in the value and desirability of a luxury property. Whether you prefer the serene ambiance of Ikoyi, the vibrant energy of Victoria Island, or the coastal allure of Lekki, choosing the right location is paramount. Consider factors such as proximity to essential amenities, transportation hubs, schools, and recreational facilities to ensure a comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

Property Features and Amenities

Luxury properties in Lagos boast an array of exquisite features and amenities designed to offer unparalleled comfort, convenience, and luxury. From state-of-the-art security systems, infinity pools, and private gyms to panoramic views of the city skyline and waterfront, prioritize the amenities that resonate with your lifestyle and preferences.

Legal Due Diligence

Navigating the legal aspects of buying a property in Lagos requires due diligence and careful scrutiny. Ensure that the property has a valid Certificate of Occupancy (C of O), verify the property title, and consult with legal experts to review all documentation and agreements before making a purchase.



Work with a Trusted Real Estate Agent

Partnering with a reputable and experienced real estate agent specializing in luxury properties can streamline the buying process and offer valuable insights and guidance. They can provide personalized property recommendations, negotiate favorable terms, and facilitate a smooth transaction from start to finish.

Schedule Property Inspections

Conducting thorough property inspections is essential to assess the condition, quality, and value of the luxury property. Hire professional inspectors to evaluate the structural integrity, electrical systems, plumbing, and overall condition of the property to avoid potential pitfalls and unforeseen expenses in the future.

In conclusion, buying a luxury property in Lagos is a significant investment that requires careful planning, research, and expert guidance. By understanding the market dynamics, prioritizing key considerations, and following the tips outlined in this guide, first-time homebuyers can make informed decisions and embark on a rewarding journey towards owning their dream luxury property in Lagos.

At Cruxstone, we understand the importance of finding the perfect luxury property that aligns with your lifestyle and investment goals. With our expertise, personalized guidance, and extensive portfolio of luxury properties in prime locations across Lagos, we are here to help you navigate the complexities of the real estate market and make your dream investment a reality.

Whether you’re seeking a serene retreat in Ikoyi, a vibrant urban oasis in Victoria Island, or a coastal haven in Lekki, we offer a diverse range of luxury properties tailored to meet your unique preferences and investment objectives. Trust us to be your partner in your journey towards building wealth through luxury real estate investments in Lagos.

Happy house hunting with Cruxstone!

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Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress

The United Nations theme for International Women’s Day (IWD) underscores a poignant message for the real estate industry: “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress.” As we honor the accomplishments of women in this vibrant sector, it becomes clear that investing in their development and empowerment is paramount. Let’s delve into the significance of this theme and explore how it aligns with the transformative potential of the real estate landscape.


Investing in women in real estate isn’t just about fairness; it’s a strategic imperative with tangible economic benefits. Consider the following:

McKinsey Global Institute reports that companies with greater gender diversity on their executive teams experience 21% higher profitability, highlighting the correlation between diversity and financial success.

The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) estimates that women-owned businesses in the U.S. generated a staggering $1.9 trillion in revenue in 2022, showcasing the significant economic contribution of women entrepreneurs.

A 2020 Credit Suisse report found that companies with strong female leadership outperformed the market by 2.34% per year over the past six years, underscoring the positive impact of gender-balanced leadership on investment returns.


To truly harness the potential of women in real estate, actionable steps must be taken:

  1. Mentorship and sponsorship programs: Pairing experienced professionals with aspiring women provides invaluable guidance and support, paving the way for career advancement and success.
  2. Targeted funding and resources: Initiatives like the National Women in Real Estate (NWIRE) scholarships and grants help address the funding gap faced by women-owned businesses, empowering them to thrive in a competitive industry.
  3. Promoting diversity and inclusion: Companies can actively recruit and retain women, fostering a culture that values diverse perspectives and experiences, ultimately driving innovation and creativity.
  4. Empowerment programs: Organizations like Real Estate InvestHER offer training and development opportunities, equipping women with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the real estate sector.



By investing in women in real estate, we can achieve the following:

  1. Unlock the full potential of the industry: Embracing gender diversity leads to greater innovation and problem-solving, propelling the real estate sector to new heights of success.
  2. Create a more equitable future: Gender equality in real estate contributes to broader societal progress and economic growth, creating opportunities for all members of society to thrive.
  3. Build a stronger and more resilient industry: By embracing diversity and inclusion, the real estate sector can better understand and cater to the needs of a diverse population, ensuring long-term sustainability and resilience.

As we reflect on the significance of International Women’s Day and the theme “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress,” we stand firmly committed to championing gender equality and empowering women in the real estate industry. By embracing diversity, fostering inclusion, and providing opportunities for women to thrive, we not only drive business success but also contribute to a more equitable and prosperous future for all.

Let us continue to take bold strides forward, recognizing the invaluable contributions of women and ensuring their voices are heard and respected in every aspect of our industry.

Together, let’s build a world where every woman has the opportunity to excel and where progress knows no bounds. Happy International Women’s Day!

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Top 10 Real Estate Companies for High-End Homes in Lagos (2024)

Forget the search party, we’ve got the treasure map! Lagos’s real estate scene is booming, and for those seeking a life of exquisite living, navigating the options can feel overwhelming.

But fret no more, discerning reader, for we’re here to unveil the top companies crafting Lagos’s most coveted high-end havens.

Gone are the days of settling for “just good enough.” The discerning investors crave luxury reimagined, and these companies are answering the call. From architectural masterpieces that redefine the city skyline to impeccably crafted sanctuaries offering unparalleled comfort, these companies are revolutionizing the Lagos luxury landscape. So, buckle up and prepare to be dazzled as we embark on a journey through the Top 10 Real Estate Companies for High-End Homes in Lagos (2024), each offering a unique vision of luxury living.

Cruxstone Development and Investment Limited

Cruxstone Development and Investment Limited stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in Nigeria’s real estate industry. Established in 2017, Cruxstone has swiftly emerged as one of the fastest-growing high-end real estate companies in the country, with a track record of delivering prestigious properties including The Iconic Towers, Nautica Rise, Autograph Plus and the ultra-modern luxury living,G2. These properties redefine luxury living.

At the core of Cruxstone’s philosophy is a commitment to identifying and developing real estate opportunities in prime locations with significant growth potential and high resale value. Led by a team with over 30 years of combined management experience in real estate development and investment, the company prides itself on its ability to create blue-chip investment opportunities for discerning investors.

The Iconic Towers

What sets Cruxstone apart is its dedication to innovation and forward-thinking design. The company continually seeks out new markets and opportunities, leveraging its entrepreneurial expertise and strategic approach to create value for its clients. Whether it’s pioneering architectural designs or implementing sustainable building practices, Cruxstone is at the forefront of shaping the future of real estate in Nigeria.

Beyond development, Cruxstone is committed to providing unparalleled customer service and support. The company’s team of professionals works tirelessly to ensure that every client’s needs are met and that their investment goals are realized.

As Cruxstone continues to expand its presence and influence in the real estate market, it remains steadfast in its mission to redefine luxury living and create enduring value for its clients. With a focus on integrity, excellence, and innovation, Cruxstone is poised to lead the way in Nigeria’s ever-evolving real estate landscape.

Palton Morgan Holdings

Palton Morgan Holdings is a top real estate conglomerate in Nigeria, encompassing renowned brands like Grenadines Homes, PropertyMart, PM Capital, Mitcherutti, and Paltonloitte. Established in 2014, the company has revolutionized the real estate sector with its extensive portfolio of luxurious properties. Palton Morgan is known for creating master-planned communities and world-standard lifestyles, evident in prestigious projects such as The Rockhampton, L5 Banana Skyvilla, and Paramount Twin Tower. With a commitment to excellence and integrity, Palton Morgan has emerged as the foremost property development company in Nigeria by market capitalization.

Eko Atlantic

Eko Atlantic is a groundbreaking coastal city development situated on Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. Spanning 10 million square meters of reclaimed land, Eko Atlantic represents a visionary project that has rapidly transformed from concept to reality. Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and amenities, the city offers unparalleled investment opportunities and serves as a gateway to the emerging markets of the continent. With its visionary design and strategic partnerships, Eko Atlantic showcases Nigeria’s potential on the global stage.


Sujimoto Construction Limited

Sujimoto Construction Limited stands as a beacon of luxury in Nigeria’s real estate landscape. With a focus on premium neighborhoods like Ikoyi and Banana Island, the company has carved a niche for itself in redefining luxury living. Led by a team of indigenous and international professionals, Sujimoto constructs world-class buildings that embody sophistication and elegance. The iconic Lucrezia by Sujimoto, the tallest residential building on Banana Island, serves as a testament to their commitment to excellence. Apart from real estate development, Sujimoto also offers a range of investment services, including facility management, infrastructure construction, and interior decoration, catering to homeowners and investors alike.

Landmark Africa

Landmark Africa is a premier real estate and property development company with a diverse portfolio spanning over 130,000 square meters of mixed-use office, leisure, and residential space. Since its establishment in 1997, Landmark Africa has been at the forefront of providing top-tier serviced offices, real estate development, and market research services to a wide array of clients, including multinational corporations. With a focus on the entire real estate development life cycle, Landmark Africa is synonymous with luxury and comfort, exemplified by iconic projects like Landmark Beach, Landmark Boulevard, and Landmark Hotel Apartments.

Brains and Hammers

Established in 2006, Brains and Hammers has become synonymous with luxury and comfort in Nigeria’s real estate industry. Specializing in high-end infrastructures, the company delivers unparalleled experiences for its esteemed clients through innovative designs and top-notch quality. With a dedicated team of professionals, Brains and Hammers continues to set new standards in the industry, offering a range of services from property development to investment solutions. The CoopEast Project, inaugurated in 2022, exemplifies their commitment to excellence, catering specifically to oil and gas companies. Beyond development, the company provides investors with attractive annual interest rates and buy-to-rent options, ensuring maximum returns on investments.

Mixta Africa

Mixta Africa, a subsidiary of the ARM Company, has established itself as a leading real estate firm across the continent. With operations in multiple African countries, including Nigeria, Senegal, and Morocco, Mixta Africa has developed over 16,500 residential and retail units. Their projects, such as the prestigious Lakowe Lakes Golf and Country Estate, are renowned for their luxury and world-class standards. Mixta Africa’s commitment to bridging the gap across all social classes is evident in their initiatives, providing luxurious living options for both high and average-income individuals. Their communities, like Lakowe Lakes Golf and Country Estate, Beechwood Estate, and Advia Plainfields, offer residents a lifestyle of sophistication and comfort, making Mixta Africa a leader in luxurious real estate development.


UPDC Plc, short for UACN Property Development Company Plc, is a prominent real estate development company in Nigeria. With a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1997, UPDC has played a significant role in shaping the real estate landscape in the country. The company is a subsidiary of UAC of Nigeria PLC, a diversified conglomerate with interests in various sectors of the economy. UPDC focuses on developing high-quality residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties across Nigeria, with a reputation for excellence and innovation. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, UPDC has successfully delivered numerous landmark projects, contributing to the growth and development of urban centers in the country.

The Autograph Plus: Cruxstone’s Timeless Edifice in Victoria Island

Cappa and D’Alberto Ltd

Cappa and D’Alberto Ltd is a renowned construction and civil engineering company with a long-standing presence in Nigeria. Established over 80 years ago, the company has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality construction projects across various sectors, including real estate, infrastructure, and industrial facilities. Cappa and D’Alberto Ltd are known for their expertise in executing complex construction projects, leveraging advanced technologies and best practices to ensure timely completion and superior quality. With a diverse portfolio of successful projects spanning residential, commercial, and institutional developments, the company continues to be a trusted partner for clients seeking reliable and efficient construction solutions.

Novare Real Estate

Novare Real Estate stands as a leading investment solutions provider, with a strong presence across Africa. With a focus on luxurious real estate, the company has invested significantly in Nigeria since its inception in 2012. Notable among its projects is the Novare Lekki Mall, one of the largest retail malls in Nigeria. Committed to providing high-quality retail and commercial properties, Novare Real Estate has earned a reputation for excellence and customer service. Their diverse range of solutions, including Real Estate Funds and Impact Investing Funds, caters to the varied needs of investors, making them a top choice in the luxury real estate development sector.

In conclusion, the Nigerian real estate market is experiencing a renaissance, with a plethora of top-tier companies reshaping the landscape of luxury living in the country. From established giants to up-and-coming powerhouses, each developer brings a unique blend of vision, expertise, and innovation to the table. Whether it’s creating iconic landmarks, pioneering sustainable design practices, or delivering unparalleled customer service, these companies are setting new standards of excellence in the industry.

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Real estate investment


In the vibrant heartbeat of Nigeria, a mantra echoes, transcending the ordinary and defining the spirit of a determined nation: “No gree for anybody.” This resilient declaration, far more than a mere phrase, encapsulates the essence of independence, self-determination, and the unyielding resolve to overcome challenges. 

Also, in the realm of real estate, “No gree for anybody”- a rallying cry that resounds as an anthem for those propelling their real estate investments to new heights-embodies a refusal to be constrained by limitations, whether they be economic uncertainties, market fluctuations, or the myriad challenges that real estate investors might encounter. It’s an affirmation of not succumbing to doubts or external pressures. Instead, you forge ahead, driven by a clear vision, tenacity, and a commitment to turning challenges into triumphs.

As we explore this mantra in the context of real estate investment, we delve into strategies that align with this spirit.  Join us on this journey as we unravel the layers of meaning behind this mantra and discover how it intertwines with the aspirations and endeavors of forward-thinking real estate investors, poised to make their mark in 2024.

Embracing Independence in Real Estate Investment

In the complex landscape of real estate, characterized by diverse options and market intricacies, “No gree for anybody” represents a bold move towards embracing independence in decision-making. It underscores the importance of investors taking charge of their choices, relying on their judgment, and resisting external pressures or trends that might not align with their individual goals.

This spirit of independence encourages investors to conduct thorough research, analyze market trends, and make decisions that resonate with their vision. It signifies a departure from the notion of blindly following conventional wisdom and instead advocates for a personalized approach to real estate investment.

Breaking Away from Conformity

This symbolizes a pivotal moment where investors are breaking away from the shackles of conformity. Rather than adhering to traditional norms and expectations, the mantra urges individuals to think outside the box, explore innovative strategies, and diversify their investment portfolios.

Breaking away from conformity in real estate means exploring unconventional opportunities, being open to emerging trends, and challenging the status quo. It’s about recognizing that the real estate market is dynamic, and success often lies in the ability to adapt to change and embrace new paradigms.

Standing Firm Amidst Market Dynamics

The real estate market is a dynamic arena with fluctuations influenced by economic trends, societal shifts, and global events. “No gree for anybody” serves as a guiding principle for investors to stand firm amidst these market dynamics. It encourages resilience and the ability to weather uncertainties while maintaining a long-term perspective.

Standing firm doesn’t imply rigidity; rather, it emphasizes the importance of informed decision-making. Investors are encouraged to stay informed about market trends, anticipate shifts, and adjust their strategies accordingly. This resilience is a key factor in building a real estate portfolio that withstands the test of time.

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Elevate Your Investment Game

Investing with independence goes hand in hand with elevating one’s investment game. This involves a commitment to continuous learning, staying abreast of industry developments, and seeking growth opportunities. Elevating the investment game is not just about financial gains but also about personal and professional development as an investor.

This call to action encourages investors to set ambitious goals, think strategically, and consider a diverse range of investment options. It involves adopting a proactive approach to investment, leveraging technology and data analytics, and seeking guidance from experienced professionals to make informed decisions.


The mantra “No gree for anybody” encapsulates a transformative approach to real estate investment in 2024. It’s a declaration of independence, a commitment to breaking away from conformity, and a call to stand firm amidst market dynamics. Elevating the investment game becomes a natural progression, especially with Cruxstone as a steadfast partner in this journey.

We stand as a reliable ally in this journey of elevating your real estate investments. With a proven track record of excellence, innovative solutions, and a commitment to client success, we provide a supportive environment for investors looking to navigate the complexities of the real estate market.

As a trusted partner, we offer not only real estate opportunities but also valuable insights, market intelligence, and personalized guidance. Our expertise becomes an invaluable resource for investors seeking to make well-informed and strategic decisions.

Invest with us today and get on the path to a better financial future.

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The Benefits of Investing in a Waterfront Development

Lagos, a bustling epicenter of dynamism in Africa, pulsates with vitality and inevitably, an ascending cost of living. The city’s allure is underscored by a burgeoning population, rapid economic growth, and the challenge of limited land availability. Within this urban mosaic, waterfront development in Lagos emerges as coveted investments, presenting a plethora of advantages for savvy investors.

High Appreciation Potential

The demand for waterfront properties in Lagos is robust and poised for continual growth. Fueled by the city’s restricted land supply and rapid economic expansion, these properties are strategically positioned for sustained appreciation. According to PwC’s recent report, the Nigerian real estate market is forecasted to experience a 10% CAGR over the next five years. Notably, Victoria Island, a prominent waterfront submarket, is anticipated to surpass the overall market with a CAGR of 15%.

Luxury Lifestyle

Investing in waterfront development in Lagos unfolds the gateway to a lavish lifestyle. These developments often feature an array of amenities, including swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts, and private boat docks, making them highly appealing to those in search of a second home or vacation property. The added allure lies in the panoramic views of the Lagos skyline and the Atlantic Ocean, promising a life of opulence and relaxation.

Strong Rental Demand

Waterfront properties in Lagos command substantial rental demand, especially from expatriates and business travelers frequenting the city. Lamudi’s recent findings reveal an average rental yield of approximately 10% for waterfront properties in Lagos, surpassing averages in other parts of the city.

In the heart of this vibrant city, waterfront properties stand as not just investments but gateways to a life of enduring luxury, promising both substantial returns and an unparalleled lifestyle.

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Investment Diversification

Investing in a waterfront project in Lagos goes beyond the promise of an opulent lifestyle and lucrative rental potential. It introduces a strategic move towards investment diversification. Real estate, renowned for its relatively uncorrelated nature to traditional asset classes, acts as a sturdy hedge against inflation and market downturns. In a diversified portfolio, this can provide stability and sustained growth even when other sectors experience volatility.

Tax Benefits

The Nigerian government sweetens the deal for real estate investors by offering enticing tax benefits. These include capital gains tax exemptions for properties held for over five years. Moreover, there are depreciation allowances for rental properties, making real estate investment in Lagos not only financially rewarding but also tax-efficient.

Economic Growth

Lagos, standing as one of the fastest-growing cities globally, is poised for continuous economic expansion. This growth translates into the creation of new jobs and opportunities, consequently fueling the demand for waterfront properties. As the economic hub of Nigeria, Lagos ensures a vibrant real estate market, making it an ideal destination for investors seeking sustained appreciation and returns.

Infrastructure Development

The significant investments made by the government in infrastructure development further enhance the appeal of investing in waterfront properties. New roads, bridges, and airports contribute to improved accessibility, making waterfront living not just a luxury but also a practical and attractive choice. This emphasis on infrastructure signifies a commitment to sustainable urban development, adding long-term value to real estate investments in Lagos.


In conclusion, investing in a waterfront project in Lagos isn’t just about acquiring property; it’s a strategic move toward a portfolio enriched with high appreciation potential, a luxurious lifestyle, robust rental demand, diversification benefits, tax advantages, and exposure to a rapidly growing economy. As you contemplate this lucrative investment, ensure meticulous research and align with a reputable developer. Tailor your choice to both your budget and personal needs. Your journey into waterfront living begins with a well-informed decision. Consider Nautica Rise by Cruxstone for a blend of luxury and investment potential.

Explore the possibilities at Nautica Rise. For more information, please call us at +234 (0) 907 004 5555 or visit our website at Your coastal dream investment awaits.

Cruxstone received the prestigious 'Iconic Real Estate Developer of the Year' award at the Africa Advancement Forum

Cruxstone received the prestigious Iconic Real Estate Developer of the Year award

Cruxstone received the prestigious ‘Iconic Real Estate Developer of the Year’ award at the Africa Advancement Forum on October 15, 2023, recognizing our commitment to excellence. This significant accolade stands as a testament to our relentless commitment to reshaping the landscape of real estate. We owe this success to the unwavering support and trust of our valued community.

The Africa Advancement Forum serves as a distinguished platform dedicated to fostering and promoting dialogues surrounding public-private partnerships that aim to enhance Africa’s economic prosperity. This remarkable event took place on the 15th of October at the illustrious Eko Hotel and Suites in Lagos, Nigeria.

Under the overarching theme of “Africa Unleashed: Shaping a New Trade Paradigm,” this year’s forum sought to catalyze Africa’s journey towards unprecedented economic development, achieved through groundbreaking trade strategies and fruitful collaborations. The Africa Advancement Forum, through its endeavors, has played a pivotal role in nurturing constructive discussions and steering positive transformations in Africa’s economic landscape.

Cruxstone received the prestigious 'Iconic Real Estate Developer of the Year' award at the Africa Advancement Forum 

At Cruxstone, we are honored and humbled by this recognition, which reinforces our commitment to excellence in the real estate sector. We extend our gratitude to our valued clients, partners, and the entire team for their continued trust and support.

This award serves as a beacon, guiding us to continually strive for innovation, integrity, and excellence in every aspect of our work. We remain dedicated to delivering top-tier real estate solutions that not only meet but exceed the highest standards, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

As we move forward, we are more resolute than ever in our mission to create exceptional living spaces and investment opportunities that make a significant impact on the real estate landscape. We believe that through innovation, collaboration, and unwavering commitment, we can be a driving force in the transformation and progress of Africa’s real estate industry.

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The “Iconic Real Estate Developer of the Year” award is a testament to what can be achieved when passion, dedication, and vision converge. It represents a milestone on our journey, but it is by no means the final destination. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you, our valued supporters.

Once again, thank you for your trust, and we are thrilled to have you by our side as we continue to redefine the standards of real estate and contribute to Africa’s advancement.

Cruxstone Development and Investment Limited is a metropolitan real estate development and management firm with a proven track record of developing high-end and profitable real estate developments. Invest with us today and get on the path to a better financial future. For more information on who we are and what we do, please call us on +234 (0) 907 004 5555 or visit our website at

Dr. Adetoro Bank-Omotoye, CEO, Cruxstone Development and Investment Limited, Presents Sterling Leadership Award to Vice President of Federal Republic of Nigeria, Professor Oluyemi Osinbajo

Cruxstone Development and Investment Ltd. Honors Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo with Sterling Leadership Award

L-R: Cruxstone CEO, Dr. Adetoro Bank-Omotoye and Vice President of FRN, Professor Oluyemi Osinbajo
L-R: Cruxstone CEO, Dr. Adetoro Bank-Omotoye, and Vice President of FRN, Professor Oluyemi Osinbajo

The award celebrates Osinbajo’s exemplary leadership in Nigeria’s economic management, social intervention, digital transformation, and justice reforms.

His Excellency, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, GCON, Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, was presented the prestigious Sterling Leadership Award by Dr. Adetoro Bank-Omotoye, CEO of Cruxstone Development and Investment Limited in partnership with the Nigerian Achievers Award Institute.

This prestigious accolade celebrates Vice President Osinbajo’s exemplary leadership in various sectors of governance, including economic management, social intervention, digital transformation, security, and justice reform. The award highlights his dedication to improving the lives and livelihoods of millions of Nigerians, his commitment to national unity and dialogue, his embodiment of integrity and excellence, and his significant contributions to the “Ease of Doing” business in Nigeria.

Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo has consistently demonstrated innovative leadership skills across multiple domains, cementing his reputation as a visionary statesman. His expertise in economic management has been instrumental in steering Nigeria’s growth and development. Through his tireless efforts, he has championed initiatives that have positively impacted the nation’s economy, including the implementation of the National Social Investment Program, the Economic Sustainability Plan, and the Niger Delta New Vision. These initiatives have uplifted the lives of countless Nigerians, particularly the underprivileged, and have paved the way for a brighter future.

“At Cruxstone, we share the same vision and values as Vice President Osinbajo. It is only by harnessing the power of leadership and collaboration that we can create a better future for our country.””— Dr. Adetoro Bank-Omotoye.

Dr. Adetoro Bank-Omotoye, the company’s CEO, remarked that “We are honored to present the Sterling Leadership Award to Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, who is a true embodiment of excellence, integrity and service. He has shown remarkable leadership and dedication in steering Nigeria towards a more prosperous, sustainable and inclusive future. He is an inspiration to millions of Nigerians and Africans who aspire to make a positive difference in their communities and the world.”

Dr. Adetoro added: “At Cruxstone, we share the same vision and values as Vice President Osinbajo. We are committed to providing innovative solutions that address the real estate challenges and opportunities in Nigeria and Africa. We believe that by harnessing the power of leadership, creativity and collaboration, we can create a better future for ourselves and generations to come.”

Cruxstone Development and Investment Ltd. acknowledges Vice President Osinbajo’s pivotal role in driving the ‘Ease of Doing Business’ reforms in Nigeria. His relentless efforts to create a conducive business environment have streamlined processes and reduced bureaucratic hurdles, making it easier for entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive. This has attracted both local and international investors, bolstering economic growth and creating employment opportunities for Nigerians.

L-R: Prince Afolabi Andu, CEO of Nigerian Global Business Forum, Vice President of FRN, Professor Oluyemi Osinbajo, and Cruxstone CEO, Dr. Adetoro Bank-Omotoye
L-R: Prince Afolabi Andu, CEO of Nigerian Global Business Forum, Vice President of FRN, Professor Oluyemi Osinbajo, and Cruxstone CEO, Dr. Adetoro Bank-Omotoye

The Sterling Leadership Award recognizes Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s remarkable contributions to Nigeria’s progress and his exceptional leadership in diverse fields. It serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment to advancing the nation, uplifting the lives of the less privileged, and promoting unity and dialogue. Cruxstone Development and Investment Ltd. proudly honors Vice President Osinbajo for his remarkable achievements, and we remain steadfast in our support of his vision for a prosperous and united Nigeria.

The award presentation, which took place at Aso Rock Villa, was witnessed by Ade Ipaye, Deputy Chief of Staff to the Vice President, Tunde Osibamowo, Senior Special Adviser to the President, Head, Presidential Delivery Unit and Gbolade Okenla, the Resident Pastor at City of David, Lagos.

Cruxstone Development and Investment Limited is a metropolitan real estate development and management firm with a proven track record of developing high-end and profitable real estate developments. Invest with us today and get on the path to a better financial future. For more information on who we are and what we do, please call us on +234 (0) 907 004 5555 or visit our website on

Changing the coastline of Oniru, Lagos, Nigeria, Cruxstone unveils yet another timeless monument; Nautica Rise, a mixed-use prime waterfront development set to transform the real state landscape into a world-class resort and tourist destination.


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