Investing in luxury apartments has become a popular choice among investors in recent years. The rise in the number of real estate investors has created a whole new segment of the market – “luxury homes”. The benefits of investing in luxury real estate have made this segment especially attractive.

As the demand for rentals continues to increase, more investors are looking at luxury homes as a way to capitalize on strong rental returns.


Luxury real estate is generally characterised by elegance, style, and class. it enables their owners to live an elevated lifestyle and provide increased prestige, comfort, security, privacy, and peace of mind.

There are many factors that come into play when evaluating luxury homes. Location has a significant effect on the overall value of a home, but luxurious homes also feature exquisite interior designs, amenities, and technological features. 

Unlike conventional houses, which provide occupants with the necessities of everyday life; luxury homes provide an array of specialized features including exquisite architecture, opulent home office, smart home technology, home gym, entertainment lounge such as game room, cinema, bar etc.

  • Return On Investment

Luxury real estate is a profitable asset due to its consistent track record of gaining value, as well as the potential significant returns in the future. The market is always on the rise and keeps on gaining value, even in times of economic recession. Luxury real estate is ideal for investors because of the recent rise in demand for such property.

  • Location and Status

Prime locations such as Victoria Island, Lagos offer residents access to many important facilities including hospitals, parks, gyms, schools and more. These are positioned within a ten-minute drive from the luxury home, so residents can save valuable time by not having to travel too far for the activities they need. Moreover, these prime locations enhance one’s status in society and add prestige.

  • Low Maintenance Cost

Due to the high quality of construction, luxury properties have very low maintenance costs and can be easily rented out. Luxury property investors strive for a high return on their investment, which means low-risk properties with low rehabilitation costs.

  • Smart Home Features

Many luxury homes are equipped with smart features such as security systems that can be operated via smartphone, motion-sensing lighting, curtains that open or close with light levels, touch-screen thermostats, and more. 

  • Security

Luxury properties are known to attract high net-worth individuals, who want a sense of security in the places where they live and work. The increased desirability of these locations makes them ideal for investors who want a highly profitable investment opportunity.


Luxury real estate investing has brought a lot of benefits to investors. Properties in a prime location like Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, will continue to experience capital appreciation and High Return On Investment. The influx of more high-paying jobs and businesses will always lead to an increase in demand for office spaces, retail outlets and homes.

Interested in identifying high yield luxury apartments that will boost your investment portfolio and also guarantee up to 20% Return On Investment? Look no further!

The Autograph Extended Stay is the First Purpose-Built Apartment located in Victoria Island, the commercial hub of Lagos, that offers its investors the opportunity to own apartment units. It is managed by a reputable hospitality brand and earn appreciable income upon operation.  

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