Customer Relationship Management system, popularly called CRM is a software tool that provides digital services like Lead Management, Customer Support Services, Marketing Campaign Optimization, Opportunity Pipeline and even After-Sales Services.

CRM is usually designed to provide Real Estate Managers with a 360-degree overview of a business activity all of which are managed through a centralized portal software.

Below are tips that can help you optimize the benefits of a good CRM.

1) Always engage your CRM;

A CRM is only as good as the data it manages; therefore, it is important to have your CRM touchpoints on your website, marketing and advertising campaigns.

2) Track your activities;

CRM makes it easy to appraise your customer’s behavioral pattern, knowing how and when your customers react to your marketing offers will give you an edge in your campaign decision.

3) Engage your teams;

A robust CRM will have the user roles features giving you the option to engage your team in various capacities, beyond your marketing team, your CRM activities should also engage every other unit in your organisation.

4) Backup your data;

Your CRM acts as a warehouse for your data, losing such enormous resources may spell doom for your organisation, integrating a cloud-based backup system will save you from such ordeals.

As a Blue-chip Real Estate company, CRM integration forms an integral core of our operation at Cruxstone Development & Investment Limited giving us the required leverage in all our marketing, sales and management activities of The Iconic Towers development.

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