A significant amount of house hunting is now done online, therefore as a Realtor, it has become imperative not just to be visible online but also to create a digital marketing blueprint for your Real Estate Business.

A real estate marketing strategy is a clear-path plan that outlines your online advertising and marketing objectives with regards to your target audience and campaign budget, this should also include tracking your prospects from the brand awareness stage to the conversion phase.

Therefore, following the steps listed below will give you an idea of what your strategic digital marketing should look like.

Step 1 – Create an active mailing list.

An email list is often an afterthought for some online business owners, however, this should rather be considered at the inception of your marketing plan.  A mailing list infused auto-responder will act as a CRM for your marketing campaigns. See the article on CRM here.

Step 2 – Create visibility 

Creating visibility for your Real Estate Business online is easier than ever with the advent of optional open-source content management systems now available. Your visibility plan may include, a website, a blog page, social media pages, live stream videos, yellow page listing, and webinars. etc,

Step 3 – Create Valuable content

A website is only as good as the information it contains and this is where SEO-optimized content comes in, as having an online presence won’t be fruitful if your potential customers are not aware of your business. Your content is expected to have a call to action to your mailing list for further follow-up.

Step 4 – Grow your numbers.

Relying only on organic growth for your business via your online content can be excruciating if you are just starting out as a realtor. This is why it is important to engage paid advertising for your real estate business. Grow your following, grow your mailing list and engage your content.

Step 5 – Host Virtual Tours

Now that you have an audience that know, like and trust you, it’s time to sell and virtual tours are great ways to give a comprehensive and accurate preview of a property to potential buyers. 

Hopefully, the tips shared so far have provided you with insight into what your Digital Marketing Strategy should look like, now let’s show you our latest investment opportunity.

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