Why should a Realtor bother about Video Content Marketing?

According to Biteable .com, 72% of prospective Real Estate customers prefer video presentations over other content types.

More so, Real Estate listings with videos receive 403% higher inquiries than those without videos.

Video content marketing shared via email or social media has also proven to be 40% more likely to be opened, 37% more likely to be clicked on, and 3 times as likely to earn a response.

Therefore, in this article, I will share video marketing ideas you can leverage for your Real Estate Businesses and if properly implemented, these tips are guaranteed to help you make the required connection and conversion with potential buyers.

Let’s dive right into it. 

1)Video Listing:

Property image listings had their days in the previous years but it is 2021 Now! and the internet has evolved alongside our prospective clients’ desire. 

To buttress this point, it was discovered that 86% of homebuyers do video researches on the internet as this tends to provide better visuals and appreciation for the property. 

Showing off your listings in an attractive and engaging video is therefore an effective way to attract new leads and generate interest. Thankfully, there are a lot of Smart Phones and Video Editing Apps that can help you in achieving this seamlessly.

2) Testimonial Videos:

A good way to get a business referral is via recommendations and one of the best ways to get recommended is through an honest testimonial from a respected & satisfied customer. 

Getting your clients to record testimonials about your services will not only get you new deals, but it will also give you goodwill in the industry.

3) Social Media Live Stream:

Call it a virtual open house session and you will be right. Live streams provide the ease of convincing and building trust in customers in real-time. 

A good number of social media Apps make this option available for Realtors for free. Find out where your audience is and start engaging them on LIVE!

4)Expert Review Interview:

A collaboration with Thought Leadership in your Real Estate niche is a quick way to get recognised if you are just starting out in the industry.

An interview partnership with respected Business Personnel, Professionals, MDs of established Brands, etc will provide options for your video content.


5)Real Estate Educational Videos:

Buying becomes easy when you teach your prospects what you know, this positions you as an authority and impresses you in their mind as the go-to choice in your Niche.

Provide your prospects with Real Estate Reviews, How-To Videos, Trending News, Real Estate Fun facts, etc. 

Build an audience, build a brand, build a business.


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