Defined as a comfortable, expensive apartment or set of rooms at the top of a hotel or tall building by the Cambridge Dictionary, a Penthouse is typically an apartment on the highest floor of a high-rise building that takes up to half of the entire rooftop of the building.
Below are some interesting & historical facts about Penthouses:
1. The modern use of the word ‘Penthouse’ started in the 1920s in New York City.
2. Before the 1920s, New York City rooftop buildings were actually reserved as servant’s quarters, now it’s one of the most sought-after apartments because of its magnificent views.
3. In medieval times a Penthouse or Pentice was a temporary structure that protected besieging forces as they prepared for an attack on the enemy.
4. One of the first luxury penthouses designed was for an American businesswoman and owner of General Foods, Marjorie Merriweather Post.
5. Penthouses usually have a very sophisticated technology system. In some structures, an anemometer would be installed on the roof to measure wind speed.
6. Penthouses are usually located in the heart of urban centers yet offer a sense of being situated afar and above the noisy and crowded urban life.
7. The Iconic Towers Penthouse located in Victoria Island, spans across a total area size of 440 square meters.
This smart home apartment is designed and finished to give an exclusive view of both the City and the Ocean.

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