Have you ever looked around Lagos, and wondered what kind of luxury buildings are more suited to the location?

There are different types of luxury buildings in Lagos, but today, we’d be narrowing our focus to ten.


Why Should You Buy a Luxury Building?


As a matter of fact, luxury buildings don’t just offer you a place to stay and return to after work.

They offer a lifestyle change and advancement that regular buildings in Lagos cannot offer.

They present what we can only describe as a high-quality feel that can only be described as a hygge lifestyle.

So, here are ten luxury buildings that you can choose from…


Low Rise Buildings


Low Rise buildings are housing complexes usually 4 – 5 storeys in height or fewer than 4 storeys.

These buildings do not have elevators.

Low rise buildings are very common in Lekki, and Omole Phase One.

Most low rise apartments in Nigeria do not have underground parking lots, so this is something you should note if you are on the hunt for an apartment building.


High Rise Buildings


As you know, high rise buildings usually refer to a building that exceeds a certain height or number of storeys. But the exact classification varies by country. 

In Nigeria for example, a building that’s 15 storeys high can be considered a tall building. But in a high-rise jungle like Chicago or Hong Kong, this may not be considered to be a tall building.

Osborne Towers in Ikoyi is an example of a luxury high rise building in Lagos.


Penthouse Buildings


Although not a building per se, penthouses are typically housed on the highest floor of an apartment building. 

Irrespective of that, when it comes to luxury buildings in Lagos, penthouses are in a class of their own.

Beyond that, they have luxuries that cannot be found in other apartment buildings.


Duplex Buildings


A common luxury building you will find in Lagos, are duplexes. So, what’s a duplex? 

A duplex is a residential building built on two floors with single dining, and kitchen. 

Naturally, duplexes in Lagos consists of two living units with separate entries. However, the floors in a duplex are connected by a staircase.

Duplexes have become a common sight in the Nigerian real estate market.


Terraced Buildings


Terraced houses are becoming extremely popular housing designs of highbrow estates in Lagos.

Decked out with modern facilities and updates. But one of their distinguishing features is a matter of aesthetics. They are designed to give buildings in an estate a uniform look, feel, and style.


Town House


Townhouses have been around for centuries, but they originally originated from England.

A townhouse is a multi-floor home, which shares one or two walls, but has its own entrances.

They are uniformly built, with the exterior of one house looking like the house next door… Estates that feature townhouses usually have the same design, color, and height.


Detached House


A detached house is a free-standing residential building. Also known as a ‘standalone’ building, which is not attached to any other building.

They house single families and feature their own private gates and entrances. Detached houses do not have a shared wall.

These houses dote the landscapes of Lagos.


Semi-detached House


A single-family apartment building that shares one wall with the next house. Semi-detached properties are often mirror images of each other.

They are a group of houses built side-by-side, or back-to-back, with a common wall separating them.

Houses in Lagos are built with this type of housing style.

So, if you purchase a semi-detached house, you’d be getting the title deed to the building and the land it is built on. But this title only includes your half of the land.




The ubiquitous bungalow. A popular luxury building style in Lagos.

But did you know that the word ‘bungalow’ is not English?

Bungalow is derived from a Hindi word meaning “a house in the Bengali style”.

Bungalows in Lagos and the world generally are typically built with no storeys or partial storeys.

They are more popular in Lagos because they come with more space between properties, and more privacy.




So, next on our agenda are mansions. Technically, a mansion is a very subjective word. Although size and number of rows play a part, other features like a great number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and square feet are also considered.

Mansions do indicate a level of quality, style, and grandeur over and above the normal levels in an area.




There you have it, ten different types of luxury buildings you can find and/or build in Lagos.

Hope you got some value from this post?

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